Our language services

Your partner in the languages of Central and Eastern Europe

Your go-to partner for copy-style and sworn translations, localisation and subtitling from and nito Russian, Polish, Czech and Slovak


NSTrad provides careful translations that faithfully reflect both the objectives and the tone of the original texts, while aiming at a polished writing style.
Our secret ingredient? Professional translators who translate into their native languages but who live in Belgium and understand all the nuances of the local market. For specific requests, we also work together with local translators in Central and Eastern Europe.

Sworn translations

The NSTrad translation agency is recognised for sworn translations both for private individuals and for professionals: businesses, law firms, administrations, etc.
Our colleagues are sworn in by the Belgian courts and we also work with local partners when the swearing-in is required to take place in the country concerned.


Need to have your documentaries, short films, commercials or other audio-video productions subtitled? In a way that opens the doors to different cultures? NSTRAD is there to help you bring this transference process to fruition.
NSTRAD’s team members are mindful of your audience, the screening format, the type of narrative and all audio-video elements in order to deliver the best possible viewer experience.


With a superlative command of our working languages: Russian, Polish, Czech and Slovak, and the cultures and the world of feelings they encapsulate, we are on hand to assist you with the translation and adaptation of your video games.
On the strength of our proficiency as professional translators and our in-depth cultural expertise and technical skills, we are there to shepherd you through the cultural and linguistic transference of your video game productions from and into Russian, Polish, Czech and Slovak. We specialise in RPGs, visual novels and games with strong storylines.