About Us

Agency for translations into and from Russian and Polish

A translation agency on a human scale, specialising in the languages and cultures of Central and Eastern Europe.

NSTrad: focussing on essentials

NSTrad is a professional translation agency whose human scale ensures a personal, lasting relationship.

Heading up this friendly agency, Nicolas and Śnieżka have, for more than 20 years now, shared their passion for the languages and cultures of Central and Eastern Europe. As translators, interpreters and excellent teachers, they cultivate a straightforward simplicity which clarifies communication and emphasises contexts. And they are both sworn translators.

Backed by a team of regular correspondents, both in Belgium and in Central and Eastern Europe, Nicolas and Śnieżka place great importance on providing personalised language support for sustainable personal and commercial relations.

Nicolas and Śnieżka are members of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters.

Your contacts:

Nicolas Stuyckens

It's always a pleasure to hear Nicolas Stuyckens talking about his profession. He is passionate about cultures and langues and studied Slavonic philology at the ULB. With wide experience of translation and a background in liaison interpretation, he also perfected his Russian in Moscow, where he steeped himself in the local culture.

A good educator, Nicolas now teaches Russian-to-French translation and Russian literature at the University of Mons.

His preferred languages? Nicolas translates from Russian, Polish, Czech and Slovak into French.

Śnieżka Daleszak - NSTrad

Polish by origin, Śnieżka Daleszak holds a degree in Romance Philology from the University of Wroclaw in Poland and gained a diploma in French-Polish liaison interpretation at the University of Mons. 

With her excellent writing style and her knowledge of local cultures and markets, Śnieżka has also published many articles in various Belgian-based Polish journals. And she teaches French and Polish both to private individuals and to professionals.